My Resume

Hello, and welcome to my online resume. My professional experience and skills are described briefly below. However, this does not tell you everything about who I am.

I am highly motivated, fast learning and have strong decision making skills. I am easy to get along with and have excellent communication skills. I am always looking for the next challenge to further my development - both personally and professionally.

Please read on! If you are interested in finding out more, do not hesitate to contact me.

Personal Details

Name: Damien Richard WHALEY
Address: Vermont South, Vic 3133, Australia
Mobile: +61 417 350 546


I aspire to have a successful and rewarding career in the Information Technology industry – especially the field of web-enabled applications. I believe that I have the skills, knowledge and experience to become a local authority in this field. I hope to create - or at least be involved in the next killer-application on the internet. I am prepared to travel interstate or overseas to achieve these aims.


Database Development

I have ten years of extensive experience using Microsoft SQL Server. I have created and maintained applications including working with Stored Procedures, DTS/SSIS, SQLXML, and Transact-SQL/ANSI SQL. These applications have also included reporting which require a high level of knowledge of the intricacies of SQL Server, and an excellent understanding of data modeling and query and schema optimization.

I have also developed database-driven applications using MySQL, Sybase ASE, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access and even flat-file databases.

Web Site Development

I have 15 years of in-depth knowledge of HTML/DHTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript/ECMA Script and VBScript which are the building blocks web sites (and the front-end of web-enabled applications). I have a good understanding of the W3C standards that accompany these and I try to adhere to these standards wherever possible.

I have extensive experience in developing and maintaining both intranet and internet web sites. I have used WYSIWYG editors such as Adobe Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Visual Studio to produce web sites. I can also code web sites by hand in a text editor. I am competent using Adobe Photoshop/Elements to create and enhance images and photos and have some experience using Adobe Flash which is used to create animations.

I've deployed four sites in Drupal, and I'm currently developing a module to support custom data uploads.

I also have experience in the black art of Search Engine Optimisation, which is making sure that pages contain relevant content and correct markup to help search engines rank pages higher in their listings.

Most recently I have worked on the following sites:

Web Application Development

I have over 10 years experience in developing web applications (this is the back-end of web-enabled applications). I have spent 10 years developing and maintaining Classic ASP and more than two years developing and maintaining ASP.NET 2.0 applications. The Classic ASP applications are written in VBScript and the ASP.NET 2.0 applications are written in C#. I have had over 3 years developing PHP applications. More recently I have worked on Node.js web applications. I have built web applications using form-based interaction as well as the Web 2.0 AJAX interaction. I have used the Prototype, Scriptaculous, and jQuery frameworks to accelerate development of web applications.

I have used XML and JSON to communicate between disparate systems using standard internet protocols. I have used XSLT to transform XML messages for both presentation to the end user and translation for communications between systems.

I have also created applications using Perl in CGI scripts. I have used the Vignette V/5 Content Management System platform to create content-managed applications.

Examples of applications I have worked on are a reservations system for travel wholesalers, a self-service gift purchasing web site, a talent management system for the modeling industry, a basic content management system and a time management application.

Android Development

I have just released my first app to the market. It's called Whalebone Wishlist. You can download it from the Android Market below. The development of this app is done in Java using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). Coding was done in Eclipse with the Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin. I developed this app on Ubuntu Linux.

You can download the app from: 

You can download the app from:

General Programming

I have written programs in C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic programming languages. I am familiar with scripting, procedural and object-oriented methods of programming. I am currently teaching myself C++ to further improve my knowledge and experience.

I have also written system administration scripts in sh, bash and WScript, and Python.

Support and General

I have extensive experience using, installing, supporting and troubleshooting Windows operating systems. I have also had experience using, installing and supporting Sun Solaris 2.6/7/8, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu Linux, CentOS, and Mac OS X.

I have installed and configured Apache HTTPD, nginx, and Microsoft IIS web servers. I have installed and configured the following database servers: Sybase ASE, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. I have installed and tailored the CRM application Peregrine ServiceCenter 5.x and Vignette V/5.

I have a good working knowledge of TCP/IP networking, having set up networks at home, at friend’s houses and in the office. I have also helped clients configure their wired and wireless networks, and have been involved in the specification and implementation of firewalls, wireless security, VPNs and other security measures. I have a good level of understanding about HTTP and SMTP protocols that has helped when diagnosing connectivity problems.

I have extensive experience using Microsoft Office and LibreOffice including writing VB Script macros and modules for Excel and designing databases and forms in Access.

Work Experience

Lovestock & Leaf (November 2013 - Present)

Lead Software Engineer

I am the team lead of four software engineers, and I am responsible for the solutions that are delivered to customers. I work with the directors to schedule and prioritise work, as well as provide technical input for pre-sales proposals. I also act as a project manager, working with the business and our customers to ensure that timelines and solutions are communicated clearly and without misunderstanding. I also work with business analysts, and graphic designers and to some extent I am also responsible for scheduling their time as well as being responsible for what they deliver.
I have instituted agile methodology to the development process. We now conduct daily stand-up meetings, and we use Kanban boards to measure our project process. I have implemented unit and behaviorual testing as a minimum standard to have code deployed into production and I am working towards having all our software being continuously delivered. I have introduced and implemented automated testing for projects. This did not exist at Lovestock & Leaf before I started working there.
I have made it a priority to document everything that we do. This includes producing user guides, high quality proposal documents, project scope documents, and all bugs/feature requests are now captured in our issue-tracking tool. I am implementing better processes to ensure that everyone in the business knows exactly what is expected and by when. This ensures that we deliver is what we have poposed.
I have written several Zendesk apps (Love Letters, Clippy, Love Your App), and have contributed to all the other Zendesk apps that Lovestock & Leaf have produced. I am very familiar with the Zendesk product (agent view/Lotus and Help Center) as well as the APIs that are used for integrations and solutions.
I’m working on the new CloudMetro SaaS platform. This is a hybrid solution, using Symfony 2 for the user interface and Node.js for the API endpoints. This is a highly available solution with a sharded architecture to allow easy and seamless horizontal scaling.

Wunderman (December 2012 - November 2013)

Lead Developer

I was the lead developer responsible for the technical production team. I work with two other developers as well as the creative team to produce the online component of direct marketing campaigns for our customers. My role is to ensure that projects are delivered successfully using best practices. I implemented the switch from Subversion to git for source control.
The projects are mainly PHP-based web applications using MySQL as the database. Front-end development is usually HTML5/CSS3, mainly using jQuery, AJAX and a suite of plugins and custom libraries that we have developed and enhanced from campaign to campaign. The PHP code base is object oriented, using namespaces and follows PSR-0 guidelines.
I have also developed 3 web applications specifically for iPads that included using Web SQL in the browser and offline caching (cache manifests). The applications had detection for whether the iPad was really online or not and handling the data transmission in the correct manner.
I have deployed several Facebook competitions behind like gates as well as have performed integrations with services such as Salesforce, WebPurify, Instagram, Google Maps, Twitter, Message Media SMS to name a few.
I have worked on a couple of Wordpress sites, which have been customized to meet campaign needs, and I have also used Drupal for a project. I’ve also worked with a Movable Type CMS and an Ektron CMS.
Part of my role includes making sure the infrastructure is configured and set up to support the campaigns that are running. This includes administering CentOS servers, Mac OSX laptops/desktops and MySQL administration. I also provide estimates for projects that help the project managers schedule and cost campaigns.

Whalebone Studios (July 2011 - Present)

Chief Coding Guy

I am the chief guy who is in charge of developing cutting edge (almost bleeding edge) systems development. This includes design, research, development and testing of next generation systems.

The current project that I am working on is a new reservation system for travel companies. It is a Node.js application server (backed by a MySQL database, which has a memcached database caching layer and Redis for caching session stores) that serves messages in JSON and and XML format. The front-end client is a PHP application (made in an Object Oriented design almost entirely out of classes) that communicates to the server using JSON. The communication to the server is done using both the PHP HTTP library and also using jQuery AJAX messages. The output is HTML5/CSS3 utilising Twitter Bootstrap that should allow good translation to work on both desktop browsers and tablets. In the pipeline is a set of Drupal modules which will form a public facing website and a complement to the server. Additionally an Android client is planned to allow a native tablet application which is a drop-in replacement for the PHP client. This project is going to be released under the open-source AGPLv3+ license. You can read more about it here:

As part of this role I have also developed an Android application. I have also consulted out to other companies and have recently been involved in a project to build a Node.js server with a PHP front end using the Zend framework and Twitter Bootstrap for the UI. 

Moneytribe (July 2012 - November 2012)

Senior Developer

I was one of the developers working on and enhancing the MoneyTribe software platform. I was a developer as well as performing devops tasks including server configuration and configuration of a Jenkins continuous integration server.

My work involved enhancing, maintaining and extracting data from their Drupal platform. I was initially bought on to help them with making the most of their Drupal site as they had it developed by a third party.

The next project was to replace Drupal, as it was not be best tool of choice. The replacement platform is being written from scratch using Node.js, with a PostgreSQL database. The Node.js application was written using CoffeeScript. The application was using the MVC framework pattern. We used git for source code maintenance, and used a mixture of Kanban and Scrum techniques to manage the project and work. The application was developed using a test driven development methodology where we used the mocha testing framework. I also used Python for data extract and loading tasks.

Web Traveller (October 2003 - September 2012)

Solution Architect

I am the programming lead responsible for the customization of the Tr@veller system to our client's requirements. This role requires in depth knowledge of both web and database technologies, as well as a good understanding of the travel industry. I have recruited and trained resources in Tr@veller, and have been involved in the selling process as well as support and development. This role also requires the writing of technical specification documents as well as analyzing business requirements.

The projects I have worked on include an XML Web Service based on OTA standards, a White Label web site, a Web 2.0 web site for a client, and an interface between the Tr@veller application and a third party web site. I have built connections to the Gullivers Travel Associates system, and to Securepay payment gateway.

Intelligent Public Network (November 2002 - October 2003)

System Developer

I co-developed a web-based accounting/billing system for clients to review their data usage. I was responsible for the deployment of the ServiceCentre application including development and customisation. I was responsible for tools development and process improvement. I also help out answering helpdesk calls and solving customer's problems where the need arose.

Ericsson (July 2000 - November 2002)

Associate Systems Integrator

I successfully managed, developed and maintained the global support intranet site. I have also produced and maintained web-based, database-driven applications. I have been involved in projects to implement content-management solutions using both Vignette and Teamsite. I supported UNIX and NT servers that are business critical to the organisation.

Telstra (November 1999 - June 2000)

Technology Specialist

I was a graduate engineer working in the MIP data process. I was the lead role in acceptance testing of applications, and was one of the developers of an Access database for the storage of configuration data. I produced Excel spreadsheets using VBScript macros to perform statistical analysis of data.

Personal Time (July 1997 - Present)

Computer Consulting

I have produced websites and web applications for clients, Web Traveller and myself. This involved consulting, design, development and coding. Most recently I have worked on the following sites:

I have built and sold PCs including upgrading components. I have helped friends and associates with computer problems. I have set up wired and wireless networks, and also provided advice for computer and technical purchases.


Drupal Theming, Drupal Module Building (2011)


This course took us through creating themes and modules for Drupal 7. This is the official course material from Acquia.

Drupal Module Development (2010)

Astro Multimedia

This course was a intermediate level course which wen through the process of producing several modules. It covered CCK, and safe coding techniques.

Introduction to ServiceCentre (2002)

Peregrine Training

This course was an introduction on how to use and administer the ServiceCentre application. It went through the system fundamentals and touched on customisation of the product.

ServiceCentre System Tailoring (2002)

Peregrine Training

This course delved deeper in to the customisation and administration of ServiceCentre.

System Administration ASE 12.5 (2002)

Sybase Education

This course covered the installation and configuration of the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 database. Topics covered included backup, recovery, database resource allocation and performance issues.

Macromedia Dreamweaver Level 1 (2001)

Firmware Design

This course covered the essential skills required to produce web sites using Macromedia Dreamweaver 4. Topics covered included forms, layers, behaviours and CSS. Advanced Dreamweaver site-management techniques were also covered.

Fundamentals of Solaris (2000)

Sun Educational Services

This course introduced users to the Solaris Computing Environment and coverd the basics of Unix. Topics covered included the file system, controlling processes, and basic network concepts.

Solaris 7 System Administration 1 (2000)

Sun Educational Services

This course covers basic system administration for Sun Solaris machines. Topics covered included installation of Solaris, configuration files, and hardware.

Introduction to SQL - ASE 12.0 (2000)

Sybase Education

This course was an introduction to SQL for the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise database. Topics covered included ANSI and Transact-SQL statements, customising output and basic database design.

Fast Track to Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0 (2000)

Sybase Education

This course was an introduction to database administration and essential database skills. Topics covered included table design, advanced SQL statements, and basic database management.

Fundamentals of Application Development (2000)

Vignette Training

This course was an introduction to Vignette V/5 application development. Topics covered included basic TCL skills, V/5 architecture and application development.


Bachelor of Engineering (1994-1999)

The University of Melbourne

Major in Computer Engineering. This course involved technical subjects including computer design, computer networking, software design and programming, as well as introductory courses in management, marketing and economics.

Year 12 VCE (1993)

The Ivanhoe Grammar School

A VCE score of 149 (TER 92.3).


My interests are broad and encompass areas including sport, music, films, reading and playing computer games. I was a basketball referee for 7 years, and I also play basketball socially. I enjoy watching many sports including Australian Rules Football, basketball, cricket, rugby, tennis and motor sport. I have been learning to speak Swedish on and off for three years. I enjoy running with my dogs and playing with my daughter.


Referees are available upon request.