My Resume

Objectives and Values

I am an aspiring Software Architect, currently operating as a Principal/Senior Developer. I am devoted to helping developers improve their skills, I have great interest in the hiring process, and passionate about the delivery of great quality solutions which bring value to customers.

I am honest, fair, loyal, and dedicated. I believe in giving constructive and actionable feedback in a timely fashion. I have strict morals which I will not violate. I believe that respect is continuously earnt, you don’t get it from a title. I follow the DevOps mindset. I am also a huge fan open source software.


I have over 20 years of development experience, most of it in web application development. I have developed and deployed applications and infrastructure to on-premise, cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments. I have people management experience and also product development experience. I have worked in waterfall and agile organisations (and all the spectrums in-between). I have a strong customer focus in everything I do.

The technologies I have been using most recently are Node.JS, JavaScript ES6+, React, Angular, C#, PHP, bash scripting, Python, Buildkite, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ubuntu, and AWS. I have experience in other technologies which you will see in the employment history below.

Employment History

Principal Developer @ MYOB (August 2018 – October 2020)

I stepped across into a Principal Developer role to follow my passion as a technical leader. I help our teams make great technical solutions and advise on ways of solving problems for our customers. I helped our teams collaborate with other teams in different part of the business. I helped define the migration of our infrastructure and implemented a lot of the infrastructure through CloudFormation. I was involved in the Protégé (graduate) program through interviewing candidates, being a mentor, and improving to course curriculum. I was also involved in organising multiple Hack Days (hackathons) for the company. We work in an agile/lean way.

Technologies Used: AWS (EC2, RDS, SNS, ELB, S3, WAF, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, ECR, ECS – Fargate, ALB, SSM, Lambda), Node.JS, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Python, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, AEM, Git, WordPress, Buildkite, Kubernetes, Cloudsmith, Docker, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Apache, Angular, React, Ubuntu, and bash scripting.


  • Provided technical training and direction for teams in MYOB
  • Created and implementing new AWS infrastructure to save money and allow for faster deployments
  • Providing mentoring (both technical and career) for several staff members
  • Ran successful Hack Days events for the company

Development Lead @ MYOB (November 2016 – August 2018)

I stepped up into a mainly people-management role. I was still hands-on where I had the opportunity. I lead up to 4 different teams at the same time and recruited over 15 developers and development leads into the organisation. I built successful teams of empowered developers.


  • People managed up to 4 teams at one time, which was about 10 developers reporting to me
  • Recruited and on-boarded new staff
  • Provided technical direction for solutions which were being built
  • Providing mentoring (both technical and career) for several staff members

Senior Developer @ MYOB (March 2016 – November 2016)

I joined the marketing team and worked on maintaining the existing content management solution, which was Oracle Fatwire, and helped with the change-over to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). I also built a lot of common libraries for the Node.JS micro services to ensure a better and more consistent developer experience. I also conducted informal staff training on various technologies. We worked in an agile development environment.

Technologies Used: AWS (EC2, RDS, SNS, ELB, S3, WAF), Node.JS, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Python, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Oracle Fatwire, AEM, Git, WordPress, Angular, Ubuntu, and bash scripting.


  • Provided technical training and direction for teams in MYOB
  • Simplified and improved existing applications
  • Designed, built and deployed several applications to production
  • Integrated several third-party platforms with internal MYOB systems

Senior Developer @ iSignthis (May 2015 – February 2016)

Worked with a highly skilled team delivering the iSignthis SaaS platform. We were working within an agile development environment.

Technologies Used: Node.js, JavaScript, Java, AWS (SQS, EC2), Git, Bamboo, Nginx, Angular, and MongoDB.


  • Delivered high quality code, making the solution more robust and reliable.
  • Participate in architecture and design workshops.
  • Performed Ops tasks using many AWS products.

Lead Software Engineer @ Lovestock & Leaf (November 2013 – May 2015)

Lead four developers in delivering great solutions extending Zendesk for our customers. Have instituted better processes and methodologies to ensure better, more reliable, and more robust products.

Technologies Used: Zendesk, JavaScript, Docker, Python, AWS, beanstalkd, Git, and bash scripting.


  • Introduced, implemented and mentored staff in Agile and Extreme Programming which made for better quality code and better solutions, and better communication within the business. This includes the introduction of unit testing and behavior-based testing.
  • Took on the role of project manager to ensure that projects are documented, understood and delivered on time.
  • Designed and architected SaaS solutions for customers, taking the business forward to more modern and reliable solutions. This also included coding a large part of the solution.
  • Introduced and helped implement continuous integration for more reliable code deployment that lead to less downtime for customers.
  • Developed several Zendesk applications, as well as reviewing and improving existing applications.

Training and Education

Training: Secure Development for PCI-DSS, Drupal Theming, Drupal Module Building, Object Oriented PHP, Tough Conversations, Lean Usability Testing, Coaching for Success

Education: University of Melbourne – Bachelor of Computer Engineering, The Ivanhoe Grammar School


Available upon request.